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The Virtuous Cycle Of Great Product Data

On a recent call with our partners at, we shared our views on the importance of product data quality and how product data affects sellers, consumers and marketplace platforms.

High Quality Product Data, A Virtuous Cycle

When you provide high quality product data to a given channel (i.e., Walmart Marketplace), shoppers can confidently purchase from your listing. High converting product listings with limited after-sale support allows you to invest in rolling out new products and hiring great employees. You win, your customer wins, your marketplace channel wins.

Virtuous Cycle of great product data

Poor Product Data, The Deadliest Multichannel Sin

When you provide low quality product data, shoppers are confused. They are less likely to purchase. If they decide to purchase and it turns out the product they received is not what they were expecting, they will request a return and provide negative feedback on the product page and your seller account. This hurts company morale and places stress on your customer service department. It also often requires attention from the channel's support team. Returns are costly in more ways than one.

Positive feedback look of poor product data

We cannot stress enough the importance of optimized product data. Your listings should be perfected for each sales channels. After all, the consumer profile on Walmart Marketplace is different than consumer that shops

Product Data Best Practices

  1. Modify your title and description to meet the parameters of the channel. For example, eBay only allows 80 character titles, Walmart offers a Short Description field, and suppressed listings that use the words "guarantee".
  2. Take advantage of category-specific attributes that are available but not required.
  3. Leverage best-of-breed multichannel listing technology to efficiently list and optimize product data. Learn more about Zentail Smart Types and how to select a multichannel platform.
  4. Review your data for each SKU before publishing to each channel.

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