Team Zentail in Google Express, Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions and Google Express

Yesterday, Surojit Chatterjee, Director of Product Management, Google Shopping published a blog post on Inside AdWords introducing Shopping Actions.

Zentail is a Google Partner and has a pre-built Shopping Actions integration with sellers already connected to Google Express.

What is Shopping Actions?

Shopping Actions is a Google-hosted pay-per-sale checkout flow. That means advertisers (merchants) can list products for sale and pay a set commission only if a sale occurs. This is a major change from the traditional Google AdWords model which is most commonly Pay-Per-Click where the checkout occurs on your own site.

Here's how the checkout flow looks on Google Express, Google's new online shopping mall:

Google Express Shopping Experience

Shopping Actions are not limited to Google Express. Anywhere customers encounter your product ad on Google, they will be able to purchase on this Google-hosted checkout flow on this pay-per-sale arrangement:

Google Shopping Actions

This includes the Google Assistant voice interface, which is an exciting new interface for independent retailers to access.

How do I sign up for Shopping Actions and Google Express?

Shopping Actions and Google Express is only available to select partners while it's in Beta mode. To apply to sell on Google Express, please complete the Google Express interest form. If you are a Zentail seller please follow this Help Center Guide to get started.

With a pre-built Shopping Actions integration, Zentail is the easiest way to sell on Google Express. Leading retailers and brands trust Zentail for centralized product information, inventory, order and pricing management for all major online shopping channels. To explore Zentail, schedule a call.

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