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How to Optimize eBay Shipping Settings

Posted: November 25, 2015

Getting your eBay shipping settings right is super important. This post focuses on Zentail merchants and brands who want to provide Free Shipping as their default option.

When your customer thinks they're getting "Free Expedited Shipping", they expect to get the item fast. When they're getting "Free Standard Shipping", they have lower expectations which gives you an opportunity to do the best thing ever in business; under-promise and over-deliver.

We want it to look like this on eBay:

FYI this image was taken on Thanksgiving eve November 25, 2015

Here are the steps to make your eBay listings look like the example above:

1) Go to the Integrations page in Zentail and click the eBay card

2) Scroll down and enter the shipping options you offer -- be sure to include at least one option from the list below that eBay considers "Standard". Click "ADD" when selecting each option and then "SAVE".

If you're using Zentail's FBA multichannel automation, then enter UPS Ground as shown in the image below (Amazon does not allow us to select the shipping carrier and method, only the service level).

3) Now, go to each of your SKUs that you want to list to eBay by clicking the SKU's row in the Catalog table, scroll down to the Channels section and click the 3-vertical-dot icon on the top right of the eBay section. ebay-zentail-sku-settings

Click the Free Shipping checkbox, then click "UPDATE" and "PUSH PRODUCT DATA". Your changes should appear immediately on eBay, click the 'eye' icon or "VIEW ON EBAY" button to view on eBay.


So, here are the eBay Shipping service names and their associated Shipping speed.

Shipping Service Name Shipping Speed
USPS Priority Mail Express One-day
USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope One-day
UPS Next Day Air Saver One-day
UPS Next Day Air One-day
One-day shipping One-day
USPS Priority Mail Expedited
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope Expedited
USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box Expedited
USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box Expedited
USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box Expedited
UPS 2nd Day Air Expedited
Expedited shipping Expedited
Expedited shipping from outside the U.S. Expedited shipping from outside the U.S.
USPS First Class Mail Standard
USPS First Class Package International Standard
USPS First Class Mail International Standard
UPS 3 Day Select Standard
UPS Ground Standard
Standard shipping Standard
Standard shipping from outside the U.S. Standardshipping from outside the U.S.
USPS Parcel Select Economy
USPS Media Mail Economy
Economy shipping Economy shipping
Economy shipping from outside the U.S. Economy shipping from outside the U.S.

Here's the official eBay reference for shipping service names and shipping speed.