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Using Smart Types to List Faster and Provide Rich Data to the Channel

Almost exactly one year after launching our first clients on Zentail, we're excited to announce launch of Zentail Smart Types.

Smart Types allow retailers to automatically categorize products and send product type-specific attributes to all channels. The Smart Type platform is constantly learning based on common attributes in use for specific Smart Types -- this learning allows us to automatically categorize a growing number of your SKUs that have not already been assigned a Smart Type.

Ultimately, Smart Types allow you to list faster, with greater accuracy, and provide each of your channels with the highest quality data. We believe this technology is game changing for two core reasons:

  • No more categorization. Simply select the Smart Type for your SKU(s) and the most accurate categories across all of your channels are already assigned.

  • Rich product data to optimize your listings. Smart Types track relevant advanced attributes and map these attributes across each of your channels. Enter an attribute value once for one of your channels (i.e. Age Range) and Zentail will send it to the corresponding attribute for all of your channels that allow that attribute.

10x faster to list and edit products. What would you do with the extra time?


How to use Smart Types

When creating a new SKU in Zentail, select the Smart Type and Zentail will automatically assign all or most channel category values (i.e. Amazon Item Type, Amazon Product Type, eBay Category ID, Jet Browse Node ID, Walmart Product Type, Google Shopping Category ID, etc.).


If a Smart Type does not yet exist, simply add the Amazon Item Type for your SKU, and Zentail will automatically identify the best category IDs across all of your channels. You can do this when you're creating a new SKU or when you're editing the SKU you've already created.


If you notice an opportunity to assign a more accurate category ID for any channel, simply edit the value for one of your SKUs of that Smart Type, and the change will be applied to all of your SKUs of that Smart Type.


Zentail makes multichannel simple. The team at Zentail combines years of multichannel retail experience with world class software development capabilities to equip retailers with a simple yet powerful all-in-one platform to manage and grow their online business.

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