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ChannelAdvisor Alternative: A Better Way To Sell on, Amazon, eBay

Posted: January 19, 2015

What's the best alternative to ChannelAdvisor? What's the best way to sell on These are two of the most popular questions in our industry. Make no mistake about it, the answer is Zentail.

In 2015 we saw some remarkable developments in the world of ecommerce. launched with roughly $720 million in funding to date, Amazon strengthened it's market leadership by ramping up same day delivery and building out their own logistics infrastructure. The future of ecommerce is in many ways uncertain.

One thing that is certain is that the multichannel management space has not been won. Retailers large and small are not satisfied with the more established vendors -- specifically ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce, and CommerceHub. Accordingly, the market is bursting at the seams with new entrants. As a retailer, who should you trust to ensure you achieve remarkable efficiency with your multichannel operations?

We encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • would you rather piece together a handful of vendors, or would an all-in-one solution streamline your operations and reduce costs?
  • would you rather work with a vendor far removed from actual retail experience, or would you prefer to work with a vendor that has multichannel retail in it's DNA?
  • would you rather work with antiquated, clunky and frustrating-to-use software, or would you prefer to run on simple, beautiful, user-friendly software?
  • would you rather wait indefinitely for updates and feature requests, or would you prefer to run on a platform that listens to your feedback and ideas and innovates iteratively and pushes out new features and refinements multiple times per week?
  • would you pay way too much or way too little for mediocre software, or are you willing to pay a reasonable amount for world-class software?

Zentail is much more than an alternative. Zentail is the easiest, most efficient way to sell on Amazon, eBay, and a growing list of marketplaces and shopping carts.